SEO Link Building Basics

Stand Out In A Crowd – The Basics Of SEO Link Building

If you own an online business, you are involved in SEO and link building. Contrary to recent rumors, SEO is not dead, and link building is still a vital part of any online marketing plan. Of course, if you have failed to adapt to the changing protocols and rules of online marketing, your SEO might as well be dead. It wasn’t all that long ago that an online entrepreneur could buy their way into a good Google ranking. With small investments in a bit of that and a little of that, you would find yourself on the first page. Unfortunately, that time is long passed and now it takes some work and a little ingenuity to get your page ranked.

One of the primary ways to build page rank is good link building. Building effective links today takes some skill and the right tools.

A good way to start link building is to ask for backlinks. Consider your friends, business relationships, college friends, clients and family members. Do any of these people have a blog or a website? If so, ask them for a backlink. Also, ask them for an in-content link versus something in the footer or sidebar. When you are considering who to ask, be sure the site or blog is relevant to your niche.

Visit some forums or online communities related to your niche and start building relationships. Start by contributing relevant or interesting posts and comments. Make sure these are each adding value to the discussion. As you participate more often in these groups, you can gain some great backlinks and learn something new along the way.

Provide a testimonial on another site. If you received great service, ask the company if you can do a testimonial for their site or blog. This not only builds a stronger relationship with the company, but provides you a valuable backlink and even potential traffic.

It also helps to start a blog of your own. However, this project will need time and attention. You cannot simply blog with one post and then backlink to your site. You must write posts regularly and fill them with fresh content. Focus on your clients and your industry. Do this and your blog will gain authority and become a valuable source of backlinks.

For very competitive markets you will need even more links that are even more powerful and trusted.  An example of a competitive market is Attorney SEO.

You should also list your own site in online directories, but make sure they are trustworthy. There are literally thousands of directories on the Internet, but many of them provide no real value. These are the ones to avoid since Google excludes them from its search results. Instead find the directories that provide relevant information that pertains to your industry. Directories attached to a relevant, informative website, and niche directories are a good place to start. The secret to page rank in today’s online world is relevancy, so make it count. When your business is listed with these types of directories, the search engines are more likely to index them, getting your site crucial visibility among your potential clients.

Link building is still a vital part of SEO. It takes time and skillful use of backlinks, but your can raise your page ranking with the right link building.

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