Features of treatment of an attack of exacerbated gastritis

Gastritis is an insidious disease of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, which for months, and even for years, may not remind oneself of its owner, however, at the most inopportune moment, manifest with tremendous intensity. The reasons for the aggravation of the disease are more than enough: it can be an inappropriate attitude of the patient to his health, the intake of harmful food or abuse of harmful habits, the infection of various types of pathogenic bacteria due to non-compliance with basic hygiene rules, the presence of stressful situations. To indirect provocators of attacks of a gastritis it is possible to carry accompanying diseases, seasonality or a present condition of ecology.

First aid for exacerbation

Regardless of the cause of the attack of gastritis, painful and unpleasant symptoms require an immediate response of the patient to the manifestations of the body, aimed at eliminating the symptoms and curing the disease. We will tell in this article how to determine the manifestation of an attack of gastritis, what to do in order to reduce the intensity of the manifestation of the disease, what are the features of the treatment of the disease at home.

  1. Types of attacks of gastritis and their symptoms
  2. How to relieve an attack of gastritis in the home
  3. Duration of treatment of exacerbated gastritis
  4. Let’s sum up

Types of attacks of gastritis and their symptoms

In medical practice, inflammation of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract is divided with obvious symptoms of pain into two types.

The first type is “acute gastritis”, which manifests itself against the background of getting into the stomach of harmful bacteria or the abuse of alcoholic beverages. As well as the cause of the disease can be getting into the body of toxic ingredients. Symptoms of an attack of a gastritis in this case are very similar to indicators of a poisoning, differ rising by a temperature of a body of the patient, strong pains in the field of an epigastrium, a nausea and, as consequence, a vomiting. Such a symptomatology indicates a negative effect of certain factors on the environment of the stomach, which causes inflammation of its mucous cover, is a harbinger of gastritis with improper treatment and prevention of the disease.

The second type of attacks of the disease are exacerbations, which are present in the pathogenesis of a person with chronic gastritis. Most often, the reasons that stimulate the onset of an attack depend on the person himself, who, knowing about his diagnosis, departed from the prescription of the doctor and provoked an aggravation of the ailment by the use of prohibited foods, drinks, alcohol.

Alcohol can provoke

Chronic gastritis often manifests itself during the off-season. In spring, the cause of intensification of the disease can be the use of fresh berries on an empty stomach, such as the first strawberries, raspberries, cherries, especially if they are overseas and contain ingredients of special treatment harmful to health. In addition, fresh greens in large quantities can also cause exacerbation of chronic diseases, as well as the standard spring shortage of vitamins in the body. Autumn exacerbations of the disease most often occur against the background of apathy and depressive state, stressful situations, which, as a rule, arise due to bad weather, shortening of the day and other attendant factors. And also in autumn can be used canned, sharp, smoked products, which come to replace natural vegetables and fruits.

Signs of exacerbation of chronic gastritis are most often known to the patient no longer by stories, may differ in the localization of pain, its intensity and time of appearance after eating based on the diagnosis. In the superficial form of the disease, exacerbation usually occurs several hours after ingestion of food, which is forbidden to take. If the disease is accompanied by atrophy of the glands, intense pain appears almost immediately after eating. In gastritis with lesions of the stomach and duodenum, pain can occur on an empty stomach. In parallel with the pain syndrome, the person who suffers most often feels weakness in the body, accompanied by dizziness, suffers from attacks of vomiting, loses appetite. With an exacerbation of chronic gastritis, the body’s temperature is usually normal.

How to stop an attack

Regardless of the cause of the attack of gastritis, the first thing a patient needs is to provide first aid if the situation is critical, or even better to consult a doctor for rational treatment of the disease. Only a specialist in gastroenterology will be able to diagnose and prescribe the right treatment, as with an unauthorized use of medications, an attack can develop into more complex problems with the organs of the digestive system. We will tell further, how to remove pain at home, if the acute attack happened unexpectedly, and there is no possibility to apply immediately to a medical institution.

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