How to get rid of bitterness in the mouth with gastritis

If the patient is diagnosed with gastritis, it means that he has a severe damage to the gastric mucosa. According to statistics, this disease is the leading among diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The disease can be acute, the cause of the appearance is mainly considered the long-term use of medications, harmful foods, food allergies, Helicobacter pylori, addiction to alcoholic beverages, stress. Also, the disease exists in chronic forms. It is believed that it appears when ignoring the treatment of acute gastritis. During a chronic gastritis, the patient experiences an increase or decrease in acidity.

Causes and ways to eliminate bitterness in the mouth with gastritis.

Important! When untimely treatment of the disease can lead to the development of ulcers, cancer.

One of the unpleasant symptoms of this disease is a bitter taste in the mouth. Often this symptom is accompanied by dryness, fatigue, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, severe salivation. Bitterness in acute form is temporary, and when xr. gastritis patient suffers from it almost constantly.

Many patients wonder why this uncomfortable condition appears. Doctors say that bitter taste in the mouth with gastritis appears due to excess bile in the esophagus, which is considered a violation observed during the disease. Most often it appears after the next reception of fatty food, not immediately, but after a while. Such food performs stimulation of bile secretion, which leads to the formation of a bitter feeling in the patient’s tongue. It is not easy to get rid of this symptom, simple cleaning of the oral cavity does not help here.

Rinse does not solve the problem

It should be noted that bitter gastritis, biliary reflux gastritis, and also when the patient was diagnosed with erosive gastritis is noted for bitterness. In this case, this condition appears due to a violation of the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. So, during the biliary disease in the stomach gets the contents of the duodenum. As a result, a mild chemical burns the mucosa.

The patient’s tongue can also tell about gastritis. During illness, it has a white coating, sometimes with grooves. In addition to discolouration, unpleasant sensations occur: increase in size, dryness, sour taste. Burning tongue with gastritis appears when the disease occurs with a decreased level of acidity.

Treatment of bitterness in the mouth with an ailment

It is necessary to understand that self-medication can only exacerbate the patient’s condition, therefore, when the first signs of the disease or its exacerbation occur, form, you should immediately visit a specialist. Only a doctor can confirm the diagnosis and appoint a competent, effective treatment, thanks to which you can overcome the disease or transfer it into a complete remission.

Drugs for treatment

Doctors prescribe a patient suffering from a bitter taste, drugs that block the production of acid, which can cause irritation of the mucosa. Also, drugs that perform suppression of excessive secretion, which have absorbing and enveloping actions.

Important to remember! Only a doctor can prescribe medications.

Traditional medicine to eliminate bitterness

Doctors recommend during an unpleasant symptom with the diagnosis of an erosive gastritis to resort to folk medicine:

  • If the patient is observed hr. form of the disease with a low level of acidity, you need to make an infusion of oats. To do this, it must be grinded with a coffee grinder, pour 500 ml of hot water in a thermos bottle and leave until the morning, after filtering and drinking half the glass before each meal, for 30 minutes. The course should last at least 20 days, then a break of 10 days is done and again repeated.
  • Erosive gastritis, accompanied by high acidity, leads to unpleasant bitterness, which is removed with the help of juice from potatoes, it is consumed an hour before meals. Initially take only 0.25 cups, gradually increasing the volume to 0.75 cup. After the sufferer of an illness drinks juice, he needs to rest in a lying position for 30 minutes. This course lasts 10 days. Potato juice
  • It will help to get rid of an unpleasant condition with an increased level of acidity, as well, honey dissolved in warm water, for this take 1 tbsp. l. honey and 1 glass of water. Drink this drink should be a couple of hours before a meal, for two months.

Another effective way to combat this symptom in the diagnosis of erosive gastritis is a jelly from flax seeds, it should be drunk every morning and evening for 200 grams.

Also effective are the flowers of calendula, 10 gr. which are brewed in a glass of boiling water. Daily it is necessary to drink four glasses of this “potion”.

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