Gastritis in adolescence: symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention

Erosive gastritis is a companion of the modern way of life. Man increasingly becomes a hostage of circumstances and builds his daily routine not in accordance with the needs of the body, but in accordance with the requirements of the authorities, the family and other circumstances.

Development of gastritis in adolescents

In adolescence, children are at increased risk of gastritis.

Teenagers also begin to live by the same rules earlier: they leave the house early in the morning, intercept a loaf of bread in the dining room, after lessons go to tutors, to additional classes or to the sports section, and not finding the time to eat normally.

Not only improper nutrition leads to problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The list of reasons is extensive and covers almost all areas of life of a modern child.

Gastritis in a teenager, symptoms and treatment – these are not so obvious

questions as it might seem. They become relevant in more and more attentive families. Parents understand how hard it is to stay healthy in a furious rhythm of life and try to anticipate problems and minimize the consequences.

The causative agent of the disease is the helibacter piloti bacterium. Whence it appears in the body, it is impossible to say for sure. Doctors only compiled a list of factors that put the adolescent at risk.

Causative agent

  1. The main causes of gastritis in adolescents: where it is thin, there it is torn
  2. Symptoms of the disease
  3. Necessary actions for suspicion of gastritis before examination by a doctor
  4. Forms of the disease and all about it
  5. Acute gastritis
  6. Chronic gastritis
  7. Treatment of gastritis in children 10-13 years old
  8. Rehabilitation and prevention

The main causes of gastritis in adolescents: where it is thin, there it is torn

To protect a child, you need to know the subtle ways of your lifestyle and be able to neutralize them. The main cause of gastritis in adolescence is a wrong lifestyle, a ripped diet, constant stress. Influenza, rubella and other infections often leave behind problems with microflora and, as a consequence, gastritis.

Various parasites (eg, worms), fungal diseases of the stomach or microbial diseases.

Physical loads in large quantities.

Sexual maturation and hormonal failures (this item requires attention from 10-13 years old).

Symptoms of the disease

Determining the symptoms of gastritis in a teenager is not easy. Children often do not pay attention to body signals, or parents are not too serious about the first complaints: they often think that the child is trying to elicit indulgence for learning.

The child gets tired

Of the most inconspicuous symptoms can be identified:

  • the child is often shivering, he has attacks of palpitations or pressure, but not enough to make you urgently go to the doctor (within the limits of the norm);
  • loss of appetite;
  • a teenager complains of heartburn or nausea;
  • constant lethargy, drowsiness, fatigue, decreased learning achievement.

More serious signs of gastritis in adolescents, which are difficult to ignore even very inattentive parents:

  • the child has constant (or regularly occurring) problems with the stool – diarrhea, constipation;
  • a teenager is sometimes prone to sudden vomiting, not related to poisoning;
  • attacks of severe pain in the stomach after eating;
  • temperature (low, but still elevated);
  • plaque in the mouth white or yellow.

Child’s malaise

Any of these symptoms can be a symptom of another disease, but each of them requires a thorough check of your child’s health. A complex combination can cause serious suspicion even before the examination.

Necessary actions for suspected gastritis before examination by a doctor

If you suspect an erosive gastritis in a child, you registered with a doctor, but the reception does not wait for you until a few days later, do not rush to start treatment yourself. Remember! Do not self-medicate! Symptoms of gastritis are not as obvious as many think, the probability of error is very high. At the slightest suspicion, consult a doctor!

No drug treatment before you appoint a doctor, you can not begin. But a few simple actions you can do without danger to harm the child.

Set up food. Organize the child’s regime so that he ate 5 times a day. This rule will suit everyone: both completely healthy, and already with existing problems. And it should become a rule not for a while, but for many years to come.

Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Complete sleep

Normalize physical activity, if a teenager is fond of sports, make sure that there is no overtraining.

These simple steps are enough for a few days before you get to the doctor.

Forms of the disease and everything about it

In medicine, gastritis is divided into two different forms:

  • acute;
  • chronic.

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